Sexy Lingerie as a Curvy Woman

If you’re a girl with a curvy figure, finding find underwear will feel a touch discouraging. I know, I’ve been there! It doesn’t matter how body positive you can be, everybody has insecurities, and underwear can bring that all up to the surface.

That’s why, during this article, I’ll be talking concerning the ways in which you’ll wear fine underwear and still feel fully wonderful in it!



Opt for the proper Size

I am really guilty of not doing this! typically, I select a smaller size, so I feel a touch better concerning myself, however there’s no sense in this. a number is simply that: a number. opt for what fits and flatters your body form and size and you may feel, and look, so good!

When it involves brassiere and cup sizes, it will be sensible to urge an expert opinion. confirm that you just opt for the proper size, so your body is accentuated and supported altogether the right ways.




Let’s be real here- us curvy ladies usually pay additional for underwear, and this may be a small amount of a strain on the budget. That said, it extremely is healthier to travel for quality items. Not solely can they last longer; however they’ll feel and appearance higher on your body (which may be a major plus).

Many retail stores simply don’t have underwear that praise my body (even though its purportedly in my size). confirm you don’t blame yourself, or your body for this- some brands are simply not smart if you’re trying to find quality coverage.



Have fun!

Quality is astounding, however don’t be afraid to select up an inexpensive, cute set (especially if you don’t need to wear it long!) this can be an excellent way to get a novelty fix while not losing out. Also, if it doesn’t work right, you won’t be as frustrated. I’ve done this sometimes and it can be nice to relieve the pressure of choosing an ideal outfit, and simply get pleasure from the instant.



Opt for the proper work

Do you have an hour-glass figure, however, completely hate your hips? opt for suspenders and an attractive brassiere that lifts. praise your favorite components and minimize what causes you to uncomfortable. That isn’t about concealing your ‘flaws’, it’s about sporting the proper garments for your body form.

If you’re uncomfortable concerning your abdomen (I wholly am!), then choose an ingratiatory chemise or baby-doll to praise your curves. Don’t change to what other say is attractive. choose the fine-lingerie that suits you and causes you to feel good!


Lingerie has to be supportive, however it ought to even be fun. Don’t let it become a headache and stop you from feeling wonderful. Remember, your body form is unimaginable. Celebrate it- you’re fully worth of wonderful, quality things that cause you to feel like a queen.

Do you have any thoughts on choosing nice, attractive lingerie? let us know below!

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