Best Dating Tips for Couples

If you’re a couple, you might find that date night can get a bit stale, or even fall to the wayside. Whether you’re married, or just dating, you’ll find something on this list for you.

Have a read and take notes of anything that sparks an interest- it just might end up being your next date night!


  1. Go to a Cooking Class Together

Cooking classes are great if you need something new and engaging. You learn a new skill (or improve on one) and get to work together.


  1. Surprise your Partner with a Candlelight Dinner

Maybe you can’t leave the house, but you want to make things special. When your partner comes home (or when the children are in bed), surprise them with a special dinner, candles and some bubbly.


  1. Try a New Class Together

If you want to try a new class together, but cooking isn’t really your thing, then consider taking a different class together, like painting, or even an exercise class to get the blood pumping.


  1. Watch a Live Sports Game

Live sports games are a great way to enjoy a date, and rooting for your team can be a great bonding experience.



  1. Do Some Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is fun, regardless of who you are with, but it is extra special with your partner. Try a new place or book a private tasting to really ramp things up.


  1. Visit the Opera

The opera is amazing if you are a cultural enthusiast. Book tickets and go immerse yourself in something special.


  1. Visit an Art Gallery

Speaking of culture- an art gallery is a really good way to enjoy this without too much fuss. See if there are any interesting galleries in your area.


  1. Stroll Through a Botanical Garden

Classic, romantic and beautiful. A walk through a garden with your significant other is sure to boost the romance.


  1. Have a Movie Marathon

Pick a series that you are both interested in, or you can each pick a few movies. Grab some snacks and snuggle down to watch.


  1. Volunteer Somewhere

Volunteering can absolutely make you feel good. If you do it with your partner, you are likely going to feel even better. Spend quality time together helping others- a rewarding experience.


  1. Visit a Museum

This can be especially fun if you or your partner is a history buff. Learn about local history and grab a coffee afterwards.


  1. Have a Beach Picnic

Beaches are amazing, but we don’t always feel like swimming! Take some snacks instead and soak up the beauty around you.


  1. Go Camping

Camp in your back yard if you have to but get out into nature and take a break from the rest of the world.


  1. Try a Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt for your partner or go to a registered park and do it there. The thrill of the chase never really gets old.


  1. Watch Some Amateur Comedy

Comedy shows are great, but they can be a little pricey. Try an amateur comedy club and laugh at some up and coming talent.


  1. Train Together

Train for a run, a tournament or anything in between. This is a good way to build your relationship and learn how to do something amazing.


  1. Have a Backyard Picnic

If you can’t get out, try having a late-night picnic in your backyard. Go all out and have bubbly, fancy snacks and lots of pretty lights.


  1. Order Fancy Takeout

Okay, so ordering take-out isn’t new, but when was the last time you ordered the really good stuff? Do that tonight.


  1. Re-watch Your Wedding Video

If you’re married, this is an absolute classic. Nothing brings back the romance quite like watching that special day.


  1. Watch the Sunset

No matter where you are, you can find a spot to watch the sunset together. It’s classic, romantic and peaceful.


  1. Try Out an In-Home Couples Massage

A couple’s massage is incredible, but what if you can’t get out to do it? That’s where this in-home couples massage comes into play. Feel like a million bucks without even leaving the house.


  1. Sculp or Paint or Craft Something

You don’t have to be artistic to enjoy this one! Pick a project and do it with your partner. Laugh at your mistakes and have a great time.


  1. Make a Reservation at a Fancy Restaurant

If you usually go to whatever restaurants open, this will be extra special. Make sure you pick a really good one, make a reservation and go all out.


  1. Visit a Drive-In

If you still have a drive-in in your area, this is a good way to enjoy yourself. Its nostalgic and you have the privacy of your car to enjoy yourself.


  1. Have a Photo Shoot

Hire a professional, or just take some of your own! Capture some great memories, model, laugh and enjoy the time together.

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Feeling inspired yet? I certainly hope so. Which of these ideas are you most eager to try and why? Let us know- and happy dating!

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